General forum


In this forum the students can interact with other students and professors responsible of the master’s degree and the Secretary.

Each post will be notified in your GOUMH mail. If want to reply, you must do it through the Forum activity.

It is important that youactivate the GOUMH email account to receive all the information about the master’s degree.

In the tab “presentation” of the blog of the master’s degree, you will find the tutorial to activate it, or can follow the instructions that you have below.


1) To enter in the forum first there is that enter mode in the Goumh website of the UMHin the following link

2) Then you have to access to Goumh in the left part of the page. Then you need to register at Goumh and you will take to  Then, you will open the mail.


4) A time in the Forum there is that respond to the theme with a click onpublish answer. Nunca en publicar nuevo tema. El Profesor os pondrá el tema. You DO NOT have to start ANY NEW TOPIC, you only have to press to PUBLISH RESPONSE.

You can download it  here  the instructions for work in the Forum of the subject

If had problems to participate in the Forum, you must head directly to the page of the Forum of each of the subjects of the master through the section*FORUM. 

* The forums of each subject will be openED according to the dates of begining and ending established in the schedule of each year.